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Food Photography Sydney

Food photography is essential to your restaurant’s or hotel’s marketing activities. Visual content and quality imagery heavily influence the food and beverage industry. Our professional food photography & styling can help you stand out in a competitive market. People love to engage with pictures of food, drinks, and desserts. Sharing professional images of your food by a food photographer on your social media or your website is a great way to generate interest and encourage your customers to pick up their phone to place an order or book a table at your restaurant.

Professional Food Photographer Sydney

Whether you run a restaurant chain, a burger franchise, or a small bakery, professional food photography can give you maximum returns on your marketing dollar. Our team operates throughout Sydney and surrounding areas, and we are happy to provide on-site or studio photography services according to your restaurants need. Regardless of your budget or marketing objectives, you can leverage the power of visuals to sell your culinary creations.

Restaurant & Food Photography Sydney

Our diversity in shooting interiors, food, & lifestyle allows us to create imagery for your establishment & build a photo library that will bring in new business across all your marketing channels. We can come to your location after hours, or anytime you want so, your business can stay healthy. Our team will operate quickly and efficiently, from setting up the equipment to taking professional pictures of the food and bringing it back to life.

Sydney’s Best Food Styling Photographer

Our creative approach to food photography results in imagery that brings out the flavours in a dish. It allows your patrons to experience every dimension & encourage the next booking through advertising. We have the experience and skills to style and best food photography for all kinds of foods, beverages, and desserts.

Professional Food Photography That Draws Your Customers in

Someone hears about your restaurant, and they decide to check you out on Google or social media. They are most likely to form an opinion about your restaurant based on the first few pictures they see. Why not make it worth their while? Through our professional food photography and food blog, we at Damien Ford Photography can help you create a great first impression on your target audience and make them book a table immediately. We can also create a comprehensive database of images for your social media, website, and marketing collateral.

Why Choose Us?

Our team has the knowledge and years of experience working with restaurant owners, gourmet chefs, and catering professionals. We feel proud to say that we have helped them generate thousands of dollars worth of business through professional food photography. Every restaurant strives to offer a unique experience to its customers. Whether it’s the warm hospitality, delicately put-together dishes, high-quality images, visual storytelling, or premium interiors, we can capture every detail about your venue that can potentially increase bookings and boost revenue.

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    Damien Ford Photography is based in Sydney Australia, with over 19 years experience in commercial photography across a range of industries. We’ve been commissioned for photography assignments across Australia and overseas working with Architects, Interior designers, Hotel Groups & the Construction industry