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Damien Ford Photography is based in Sydney, Australia, with over 19 years of commercial photography experience across various industries. We’ve been commissioned for photography assignments across Australia and overseas, working with architects, interior designers, hotel groups & the construction industry. We also provide corporate photography, industrial photography and product photography.

Commercial Photography to Build Brand Awareness

Utilise the art of commercial photography to showcase your work and creations in the best possible light. As a professional photography company in Sydney, Damien Ford Photography can create authentic imagery that builds trust and drives engagement. And we make that happen with our 20 years of experience in the industry. From construction photography to corporate headshots to capturing the intricate details of architecture or creating appetising imagery of food, we can help you build your brand with professional photography by a professional commercial photographer.

Professional Photography Services in Sydney That Help Your Business Grow

While professional photography can create buzz around your business, it can also help you win over prospects and attract growth opportunities that would otherwise be off-limits. We make this happen by creating stunning images that align with and serve your target market. We can help you create an inventory of images across all your marketing channels to gain leverage against your competitors.

How Much Does a Commercial Photoshoot Cost in Sydney?

Every client is unique, and we respect every budget and project timeline. Since we believe in maintaining open communication with our clients, we encourage you to ask for a quote to suit your needs. Based on your requirements and objectives, we can put forward a competitive quote with a complete price breakdown, which includes licensing, corporate photography services and commercial photography services.

Why Choose Damien Ford Photography for Commercial Photoshoot?

More often than not, your business portraits and corporate photographs interact with your clients before you do. And we understand how important it is for you to create a lasting first impression with the commercial photographer. We can help you convey a sense of familiarity and trust through highly skilled professional, retouched photographs, corporate headshots and lay a strong foundation for client relationships.

What’s Particularly Challenging About Commercial Photography?

The corporate landscape has changed drastically in the past few years, pushing businesses to reimagine their branding strategies and create high-quality images.

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    About Us

    Damien Ford Photography is based in Sydney Australia, with over 19 years experience in commercial photography across a range of industries. We’ve been commissioned for photography assignments across Australia and overseas working with Architects, Interior designers, Hotel Groups & the Construction industry